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Printed Sculptures


Organic Recycled Sculptures built by the talented Architect Eugene Botes.  The series ODE AAN DIE SANDVELD is a quirky exhibition featuring a selection of handmade bone scullptures. Boxed Prints on canvas of these unique figurines are available for sale.


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Nicolaas Eugene Botes was born in 1973 in a small Freestate Town, South Africa.

After qualifying as an architect in 1999 he worked in and around South Africa with a specific interest in the African bush and lodge architecture.  In 2011 Eugene and his family moved to a farm in the Sandveld on the South African West coast, he rediscovered his childhood facination with animal skeletons and its beautiful sculptural qualities.


He finds his inspiration in God the Master Sculptor and creator of all things.  God reveals His beautiful sun bleached sculptures slowly and carefully after time and life has patiently formed it and left it somewhere hidden to be discovered.  These found sculptures serves as a pallette for Eugene's "objets trouves.".


By means of sculpting, modifying, transforming and adapting the skeletons (The Past) Eugene explores the relationship bewteen man and his past.  We are always somehow tied to our past - either utilizing it for today or harnessing the past to carry,

fly drive or haul us into the future.


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