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Eugene Botes

B.Arch (UP)

Growing up in a small industrial town in the Free State I was fascinated with the imposing honesty and brutalist character of the abundant industrial structures. I took pleasure in the way it mirrored the rhythm and structure of the endless maize fields. I delighted in the honest materials and the unwitting Form Follows Function design ethos of the engineers which led me to become a bit of a Modernist. Even though some might describe me as a Maximalist I strive to be a Minimalist and enjoy less more and more.

As time passed I progressively fell in love with the historic buildings of our country and especially with the seemingly simplicity of rural Karoo architecture and its vast empty spaces. I strive to capture the essence of this simplicity and emptiness to create a built environment which is responsible and merge good proportion and aesthetic to create a product that enhances the experience of both the user and the viewer.

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